Brach's Nips Caramel Candy 92 g (12 Pack)

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Get ready to enter the joy of enchanting  Brach's Nips Caramel Candy- where every bite is magical, bursting with caramel! These delightful, nips caramel candy treats are not just candies; they're tiny, delicious bites crafted with care to capture the essence of caramel.

Envision yourself reaching into a bag filled with vibrant brach’s caramel candy; you're greeted with a burst of caramel, milky goodness that melts in your mouth like a sweet treat.


  • Goodness of peanut, milk, soy
  • Caramel Flavor
  • Sweet Snacks


  • 92g
  • Pack of 12
  • Brand Name Brach’s

Add To Cart this deliciously creamy Brach’s nips candy delight and enjoy the delicious caramel flavors!

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