AIRHEADS Cordes de fruits fourrées originales 57 g (paquet de 18)

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Get yourself absorbed in a flavor explosion with AIRHEADS Filled Fruit Ropes! Having mouth-watering fruit-filled bites is an enticing treat that lets you experience an incredible taste with their intense burst of fruity goodness. Each rope of airhead ropes is enriched with vibrant color and bursting flavor, delivering a sweetness that is hard to resist. Each bite of rope feels chewy and bursts of sweet sugar that give the flavor of Blue Raspberry, cherry, orange, strawberry, and watermelon.

Get ready to pucker up and dive into a world of extreme deliciousness with every delicious bite of air heads fruit-filled candy!


  • Chewy Burst
  • Curuful bites
  • Sweet Candy
  • Fruity Flavored


  • 57g
  • Case of 18 packs
  • Name of Brand Airheads 

Add to the Cart this amazing pack of airheads ropes and enjoy the goodness of fruity blust!

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