Pringles flavor Lime & Tarte potato crisps 110g (20 pack) - W36

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Introducing another flavor sensation powered by Pringles and its Lime & Tart Potato Chips! Each chip in this Pringles Flavor is made with crispy potatoes that are infused with the light lime and tart flavors.This Pringles flavor lime & tart potato chips lets you experience the perfect combination of zesty lime and tangy tart crispiness that keeps you coming back for more.So, grab a can of Pringles Chips, pop it open, and get ready to experience a lime and tart munch like never before!


  • Crispy Potato Chips
  • Lime & Tart Flavor
  • Stackable Potato Chips
  • On-the-go Snacks
  • Perfect Craving Partner


  • 110g
  • Box of 20 Packs
  • Brand Pringles
Add to cart this light flavor of Pringles potato chips and get an exceptional snaking experience!

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