Kit Kat Birthday Cake Candy Bar King size 85 g (24 Pack) B76

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Pure in some sweetness in the precious moment of your life with bright flavors of Kit Kat Birthday Cake candy bar ! Its An individually wrapped kit kat candy bar is made with crispy and crunchy wafers bars sandwiched together through birthday cake flavored creamy milk chocolate with sprinkles . These kit kat chocolate bars are perfect for your birthday treats, easters, halloween, Christmas and Eid day. So grap a pack and enjoy the birthday cake kit kat on the go delight!


  • Creamy Flavor
  • Crunchy Wafers
  • individually Wrapped
  • Ready-to-Go Delight


  • 85g
  • Case of 24 Packs
  • The Hershey Company

Add this bundle of kit kat creamy bar to your cart at wholesale price and share Happy moments to your loved ones with Kit kat Mini wafers!

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