Baby Ruth bar (24 pack) - A11

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Indulge in the classic delight of a Baby Ruth bar, where every bite is a journey through layers of creamy caramel, crunchy peanuts, and smooth nougat; all enrobed in rich milk chocolate. Ruth bar is not just a candy bar; it's a symphony of flavors and textures that leave you craving more with each satisfying bite. Treat yourself to the timeless joy of a baby ruth bar and experience a taste sensation that never goes out of style.


  • Candy bar
  • Milk Enriched Chocolate
  • Caramel Delight
  • Dry Peanut
  • Smooth Nougat


  • 63.8g
  • 12 Counts
  • Brand M&M’s

Add to your Cart this 12-count bar at wholesale price and indulge in the enriched delight of  Ruth's chocolate bar!

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